Uav new countermeasure – drone gun

What’s the drone jammer gun?

The device, which comes in a few configurations, is a fully integrated rifle-style countermeasure that works against a wide range of drone models. Though it looks like the gnarliest gun you’ve ever seen, it’s actually a high-powered jamming device capable of disrupting multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

By jamming radio frequencies and signals from positioning satellites, the device disrupts commercial drone control functions.

The United Kingdom is ready for robot-on-robot warfare. A new anti-drone weapon system called the “Anti UAV Defense System,” which was developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd, is a combination radar, camera, and jamming system all built into device.

Here’s how it works. First, the radar identifies and tracks the flying drone. Then, once the drone is within camera range, the electro-optical camera follows the drone, keeping it in focus at all times. Finally, the jamming device attacks it: Three antennas send out a radio frequency signal to the targeted drone, trying to cut it off from its original controller. In seconds, the jammed drone stops in the air and then crashes to the ground.

About the challenges he faced while working on the GPS signal jammer, Eng Hosni said, “I had to procure all parts from East Asian countries. It was very difficult to collect enough information on how to operate such a device. I travelled to countries such as France, Spain, Italy, South Korea and Malaysia to understand how the system works.”

He said that the jammer was successfully tested on a drone operating at a height of about 300m at a remote location. “In future I plan to build a jammer with a screen.”

Eng Hosni said that his company is seeking permission from concerned authorities to sell the jammer to interested parties. “Also I want The Research Council to recognise the device and get it patented.”