Can you block the GPS signal?

What materials block the GPS signal?

Have you ever thought about which materials will cause signal interference to the GPS or vehicle tracking system of your mobile phone? The short answer is that any dense material large enough can easily block GPS signals. Aluminum paper, concrete and any wooden covering will disturb the GPS signal. However, the GPS signal can penetrate plastic and fiberglass, which is why the GPS system can maintain signal strength even if hidden in the vehicle.

GPS equipment receives microwave transmission from the satellite antenna network surrounding the earth. After receiving signals from three satellites, the device uses many timing calculations and triangulation to calculate its position. The receiver relies on these accurate and specific signal transmissions to determine its position on Earth. The GPS tracking gadget then sends the coordinate data to the monitoring station, usually through the mobile network. GPS satellite signals may seem technologically advanced, but they can also be easily fooled by simple jamming devices. For example, an ordinary GPS wrapped in aluminum foil will form a Faraday cage around it. Therefore, the cage will also block the GPS signal and act as a GPS jamming device Wet trees, metal foil and plastic containers can all be used to disrupt GPS signals. Even simple things like tin boxes can block GPS signals with dense materials!

How to block GPS tracker with GPS jammers

According to the annual crime statistics, car theft has been declining steadily in the past decade. These declines are due to many different factors, including advances in vehicle alarm systems and the increasing use of GPS trackers by consumers to prevent car theft. It is positive whenever technological progress can play a role in reducing crime, but sadly, criminals will always try to find new ways to break the law. This is why many car thieves now use GPS jammer devices to prevent consumers and businesses that want to protect their car assets from using GPS tracking devices. But how does the GPS jammer allow criminals and problem employees to bypass GPS tracking?

GPS jammer shields GPS signal and interferes with GPS monitoring. Understanding the working principle of GPS is helpful to understand the working principle of GPS interceptor. The GPS tracker is connected to the GNSS network for operation. The GPS signal jammer transmits radio signals at the same wavelength as the GPS device.

This takes precedence over satellite messages. Its exact coordinates cannot be determined because the jammer is tampering with the transmission of the GPS tracking device. GPS jammers interfere with all GPS operations, including navigation and monitoring functions.

GPS jammers are usually small and easy to install. They are easy to install and uninstall and can be opened in less than a minute. They are prohibited under federal law and their use will result in punishment or imprisonment. In any case, GPS tracker jammers are easy to obtain and usually cheap.

Placing the GPS monitoring gadget in a metal container is the most direct way to disable it. Inbound and outbound transmissions will be reflected and absorbed by any conductive metal. This will cause it to fail. It is enough to cover the GPS tracker with tin foil, but copper or even silver can also be used. This is a very low-cost and simple GPS jamming technology.

GPS jammer is a kind of miniature and independent transmitting equipment. It sends radio signals with the same wavelength as GPS equipment to disguise its position. The GPS gadget cannot identify its location due to interference.

Since the energy of the jammer is low and the starting time is short, it can be used when needed. Physical shielding, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth jammer, remote control jammer, surveillance camera jammer and UAV jammer are different forms of GPS jammer.