Priest’s jammer destroys POS machine

In today’s society, almost no one owns their own mobile phone. Mobile phones have become an essential tool for everyone, and it is becoming increasingly impossible for everyone to keep their mobile phones with them. Even on some important occasions, they don’t forget to carry their mobile phones with them. This happens when religious prayers are held abroad. In this case, the priest of the church of Santa Maria del Monte in Naples. According to National News, the godfather eventually found a solution — a cell phone jammer. The pastor bought two machines for 90 yuan. The priestess said in an interview: “He didn’t do it out of impatience, but out of embarrassment when she advised everyone to turn off their phones and focus on prayer.”

The most popular 8 band jammers

More students are harmed by games, and they can’t stop playing games, which leads to a continuous decline in children’s academic performance. This is also a headache for many parents. With the efficient development of the mobile Internet and the upgrading and popularization of smartphones, mobile phones, tablet computers and other terminal devices, the use of smartphones by students has reached the level necessary for everyone and continues to rise, showing a growing trend. If parents or teachers take coercive measures, such as B. mobile phone number restriction to control students’ mobile phones, many children will have a strong sense of rejection, which will increase the tension between parents or teachers and students! How to effectively manage students’ use of smartphones has aroused great concern from all walks of life.

The so-called mobile phone signal jammer is a kind of scanner, which scans from the low-end working frequency of the radio channel to the high-end scanner at a certain rate during the working process. For the stable microwave signal data information from the communication base station, the mobile phone cannot be connected to the communication base station within a certain overall planning range, so as to achieve the effect of shielding the mobile phone signal.

You may be wondering, is it really feasible for pastors to use cell phone jammers without permission? According to their own accounts, their actions were strongly supported by the local police. But apparently, not everyone welcomes the pastor’s strategy. The local shopkeepers were very dissatisfied. They say the pastor’s cell phone jammer destroyed his POS machine. Some film crews disagreed, too, as Priest’s GPS jammers affected their drone footage and positioning.