Russia’s jamming technology is getting better and better

It is increasingly obvious that the Russian systems. and the threat they pose, are out there now, though. They also offer the Kremlin a relatively low risk means to probe or otherwise harass its opponents without touching off an actual conflict, as is the case with cyber attacks, since it can be difficult for authorities to isolate the source of the jamming or spoofing and the actual intent.

While some drone guns shoot actual ballistics in hopes of damaging any unwelcome aerial visitors, most modern anti-drone guns use cell phone jammer frequencies to confuse the incoming UAV. When a drone’s radio signals are interrupted or continuously jammed, the UAV either lands as a precautionary measure or returns back to its origin. Either way, the goal has been accomplished—your drone gun got rid of the intruder.

The negatives here could summarily be listed as a shorter range—the MKII’s jamming capabilities reached up to 1.2 miles, in contrast to the Tactical’s 0.5-miles-and-unspecified-change—and the fact that there’s no FCC approval to use this jamming gun as a regular civilian. Ultimately, Perfectjammer’s new product is for those already sure about their need of any potential anti-drone tech.

The rifle’s jammers can shut down signals at 433MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz RF bands simultaneously, ensuring it covers all the most common signal frequencies drones use for communication, with the option to also create GNSS disruption (basically, GPS and GLONASS won’t work correctly). With the signal shut down, any drone in the vicinity will be forced to land on the spot or return back to its starting point, depending on how its internal algorithms are set up, giving folks the ability to retrieve it for investigation (if it lands) or sending back a potential threat (if it returns home). When use GPS jammer, the drone’s video transmission is also immediately ceased, so it can no longer transmit any footage to the operator.

Simply pushing lots of CW power into the ether is the most inefficient method of jamming and rarely used because of this. More efficient is a tailored jamming system that is modulated in a way that causes problems in the demodulator of the receiver being jammed, usually by using a high peek pulse power at a critical frequency to the receiver demodulation. Even more efficient is to mess with the stages beyond the receiver such as sending valid modulation that mucks up the computer data processing.

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Propelled by the military’s experience with roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, jamming technology has evolved to counter bombs triggered by cellphones, garage openers, remote controls for toy cars or other devices that emit radio signals. Federal authorities rank improvised bombs, which are cheap and adaptable, as one of the greatest terrorist threats to the West.