The distance of jamming weapons becomes an important factor in electronic warfare

The BBC broadcasts are carried on shortwave frequencies from Taiwan and Uzbekistan, and on medium wave from Mongolia, 38 North reported. It said it wasn’t possible to determine if the medium wave frequency was also targeted by jamming.

The negatives here could summarily be listed as a shorter range—the MKII’s jamming capabilities reached up to 1.2 miles, in contrast to the Tactical’s 0.5-miles-and-unspecified-change—and the fact that there’s no FCC approval to use this signal jammer gun as a regular civilian. Ultimately, Perfectjammer’s new product is for those already sure about their need of any potential anti-drone tech.

Thus most modern jammers work by attacking the baseband in some way. This can be either at a low level attack on the modulation type such as transmitting high energy very narrow pulses at the data clock frequency, or twisting the data phase or amplitude in MPSK or or MAM systems, or some combination of low level methods.

None of these methods require any bright flashing lights, which could easily be a cosmetic feature of the counter-drone system. Given the drone’s sudden spiraling descent in the released video, it’s likeliest that the system featured is a radio-frequency cell phone jammer. It is also likely, given the system’s employment on the side of the Russian-backed separatists, that the system is another Russian-made electronic warfare weapon, fielded on the front lines of a proxy war as much for battlefield impact as it is for research and test purposes.

Some private schools in Japan, in accordance with the uniform system of uniforms and hats, are unified by students to buy campus mobile phones. Students can carry the purchase of the mobile phone to school by the school, in class unified shutdown, or free calls between teachers and students, between students set to receive pornographic information, chat, and other functions, the school let students use the mobile phone can better communication with parents to the teacher.

China’s education sector has taken a simpler approach. Education allows schools to use signal jamming devices. So school officials often buy mobile phone jammer on a large scale to prevent students from using their cell phones and cheating in exams.