Jammer is the best tool to block signals

In today’s highly developed communication tools, signal propagation tools are plentiful, and signal jammer are the best tools for blocking the signal.

Mr. Wang explained that although they strictly observe the regulations in the establishment, there are cases that they cannot control or prevent, such as when cell phones were brought inside by throwing the gadgets. on the perimeter of the prison.

Apart from this method, visitors are also smuggled into cell phones by hiding them in private parts of the body and if inmates conspire with prison officials to bring them a cell phone in exchange for money.

Mr. Wang cited a case where a prison officer from Talisay City Prison was transferred to Bohol after he allegedly traded with one of the inmates.

It was reported last week that a visitor was arrested after being caught sneaking into two cell phones inside the prison.

Also last week, prison guards confiscated a cell phone found in one of the detainees’ quarters.

Installing a jammer can avoid these situations

Logistics and other companies often install GPS tracker jammers to track vehicle movements.
They are also used so that vehicles carrying precious loads can be tracked.
Researchers believe that most GPS jammers are used to keep these devices from working.
“A GPS satellite emits no more power than a car headlight, and with this it must illuminate half the surface of the Earth,” Professor David Last, former president of the Institute, told the BBC. royal of navigation.
“A very, very low power jammer which broadcasts on the same radio frequency as the GPS will suffocate it.
“Most of them are used by people who don’t want their vehicles to be tracked,” he said.
But jamming technology can cause problems for other critical security systems using GPS.
In mobile and power networks, GPS satellite signals are sometimes used as a source of precise synchronization information.
GPS is even used to provide accurate time information for certain computerized financial market transactions.
And other GPS navigation devices used by ships and light aircraft could also be affected by jammers.
In 2009, Newark Airport in the United States found that some of its GPS systems suffered from repeated interference.
The problem was eventually traced to a truck driver using a GPS jammer.