Does the mobile phone signal jammer work the same way as other jammers?

cell phone jammer operate in a similar manner to radio jammers, in that they emit the same radio frequencies on which cell phones operate. This causes enough interference so that a call cannot be connected to a cell phone. Two types of cell phone jammers are currently available. The first type are usually smaller devices that block the signals from cell towers to individual cell phones. The blocked frequency is between 800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Most devices that use this technology can block signals within a 30-foot radius. Mobile phones in this area simply don’t show a signal.

Now you could just politely ask them to shut up and go away, or instead you can buy cellphone jammers and keep them all alone.

Unfortunately, they are becoming increasingly important as many people (especially prison guards) would like to believe that a new tech gadget can solve their problems. Not only has a group of prison guards submitted a petition to the FCC for rule-making, but they are supporting a bill that would require the FCC to authorize cell phone jamming in prison.

In four churches in Monterrey, pocket-sized cellphone jammers made in Israel are hidden inconspicuously between paintings of the Madonna and statues of the saints.

Japan allows public places such as theaters and concert halls to install jammers provided they receive a government-issued license. And last week, the French Minister of Industry approved a decision to have cinemas, concert halls and theaters installed – as long as the arrangements are in place to make emergency calls.

Tokyo-based Medic Inc. sold thousands of its Wave Wall GSM jammers before the government intervened and regulated their use at venues with live performances.

Margarita Escobedo, a Catholic who goes to church at least twice a week and is a volunteer in the Church of San Genaro, says that she would welcome the misery to her parish, where cell phones are becoming a nuisance.

GPS jammers are typically small devices that connect to a vehicle’s lighter port and send out radio signals that drown out or drown out much weaker signals such as GPS or others.