Jammers are the nemesis of drones

Various anti-drone devices have been developed to combat the illegal flying of illegal drones in prohibited areas. One of them is “jammer drones”. The Dronebuster has the shape of a rifle and can interfere with the remote control of the drone and shoot it down.

The signal jammer which was shown at the “Sea Air Space” exhibition in Maryland, USA, is an anti-drone device developed by the non-profit organization Battelle.

The effective distance from Dronebuster is approx. 400 m. The start-up time is less than 0.1 seconds and the continuous operating time is 5 hours and has already been tested in the field. The remarkable thing about Dronebuster is that it can be safely “landed” instead of “falling” a drone that makes a dangerous flight. Some U.S. government officials are considering introducing dronebuster, but the transmission of jamming itself may be illegal, and we hope to see this in future discussions.

The risk of drones has increased and flying is obviously illegal. So drones crashed into a passenger plane at London’s Heathrow Airport and drones crashed into the White House. Anti-drone systems like SkySafe are considered effective.