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Android 5.0 or Lollipop is a new arrival and it proves again that Google can actually bring about a change. Its advanced user interface has made Android 5.0 different from the other versions. Apart from the user interface, improvements have been made to functionality and design, and above all, security. If you are thinking of grabbing Lollipop, then you can get the Nexus 9 or Nexus 6 that come with Android 5.0. For other smartphones with Lollipop, however, you can wait a while.

Security has always been a problem for users, but now you can be sure, as Google ensures security and data protection with the new Android version. This article brings you some brilliant Android 5.0 security features that Google brings. You can read about previous versions of Android Kit Kat security issues here. In our opinion, we in the Jammer Shop have made the TOP 5 security features.

1. Excellent locking system

This is an intelligent security feature that allows users to link their smartphones to other devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables and cars) of their friends or family members. This is actually an interesting feature and it will surely do better than the other security lock features like pattern or password lock. This feature allows devices to lock and unlock when they are in the Bluetooth range. Well, after purchasing this version of Android, you can develop new locking techniques yourself.

2. Screen fixation

This is another interesting feature that allows you to allow your friend to access a specific app on your phone. There are naughty children around us who are always fiddling with our smartphones, but now they can’t! With this feature, you can easily pin a specific game for the child so that he cannot touch other applications that are in your smartphone.

3. built-in encryption

Although Android used to have this feature, the majority were unable to use it. But anyone can use it now as this feature is standard in the Lollipop version. This is a smart feature that protects your information if your smartphone has been stolen or lost. This security feature helps keep the data safe and prevents the thief from using it.

4. Enforce SELinux

This is an improved feature of Android 5.0 that protects your devices from malware, spyware and other viruses. The NSA used to launch this feature in 2000 and it has worked well to block the threats. So when you share your devices with others, you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware, as this function acts like a protective shield and protects your devices.

5. Guest mode

The latest Android tablets have these devices, but you can’t find this security feature on all devices with Lollipop. This function helps other users to create their account on their smartphone and gives the user a feeling for a new device. And when the guest finishes his work, this data can be deleted in no time. So, not that you know the latest security features from Lollipop or Android 5.0, you can get them all and keep your device safe!

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