What to consider when jammers are installed in prisons

Today, let’s talk about how to set up a prison guard in prison, and the 54-year-old has often contacted inmates on cell phones. But not only relatives and accomplices are responsible for the device smuggling behind bars. “Dubious defenders also use cell phones to acquire new clients,” said Hoenig. “They put the phones in detention centers and offer them to the detainees against the mandate.” This mainly happens in high-profile cases, because this is where some colleagues hoped to become familiar with the trial.
The judiciary is presenting the phenomenon with a huge problem, not only because the undisclosed number of undetected devices is high. The new smartphones also allow far more contacts to the outside world than mere calls to loved ones. Internet access allows inmates to watch porn, close drug deals, influence witnesses. And there is a general lack of personnel to effectively combat the new prison communication culture.

To install the signal jammer in prison, some data should be considered
The shape of the prison is divided into two types.
A. Regular type; Rectangle or square.
B. Irregular type, neither rectangular nor square.
The dimensional information was provided prior to designing the solution:
1. For type A and B, the prison card and the length of the wall around the prison
2. All positions of buildings within the prison as well as their length, width and height.
3. The intensity of the signal at different places in the prison. (Including the signal strength of various mobile phone systems).
4. The distance between the prison and its residential area closer to all directions.
5. The height of the observation / patrol towers and the surrounding walls in the prison.n / patrouille et des murs d’enceinte dans la prison.

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