Is the WiFi frequency different in each country?

IG (prison): Suman Gupta during a surprise inspection discovers several misconduct in the Ghaghidih central prison in Jamshedpur. Gupta, who visited the central prison for the first time, spent more than two hours and took stock of the situation, including visitors and interacted directly with the prisoners there. The IG Prison raised concerns that the wifi jammer that were installed at the central prison are not working, although they have been repaired recently. In addition, searches carried out by the district police personnel are not carried out properly.

Gupta expressed satisfaction that over 30 CCTV cameras are all working. She said she gave certain instructions to make sure the CCTV cameras weren’t damaged by anyone. Since they work as a third eye in the prison area. Sources said the IG also interacted with the prisoners to know about their problems. Remarkably, there are more than 1,450 prisoners, including undertrial prisoners, at Ghaghidih Central Prison. The home department conducted a prison survey in June 2009, before recommending fixing cell phone jammers in the prison. Sources went on to inform that the prison situation is concerned by the administration, has plans to exercise vigilance and to implement additional security forces.

Prisoners have no way to use mobile devices because their signals are completely stuck, and the overseer can use the wireless networks (radios, smartphones, etc.) as they want. Isn’t it a solution for everyone? I can be wrong, but I assume that will do. Nevertheless, a problem persists. It’s no secret that there are a lot of smartphones that have wireless internet connectivity, in addition to making calls and text messages easy to receive. And that can be a problem for signal jammers.

When calling someone or SMS we use the standard GSM wireless frequencies. In Europe and Asia the GSM 900/1800 standard is widely used. The USA, Canada and Latin America use the GSM 850/1900. These standards cover the frequency band from 824 to 1990MHz. The Wi-Fi frequencies are completely different. While with a Wi-Fi connection we work from 2.4 GHz to the frequency band, or 2400-2483 MHz. Thus the entire frequency band that is jammed will compile 824-2483 MHz, which is a very wide spectrum. In addition to being able to operate a wide frequency range around the required portable cell phone blocker jam with a configurable output power, it must be in a precisely defined range so as not to interfere with the communication it shouldn’t interfere with. To tell the truth, not every jammer is able to accomplish this task. But can offer a suitable solution for such a specific task.