Should Temples Install Mobile Signal Jammers

It is said that Bangladesh: Sri Lanka, South India, Cux Sobra Sulaymaniyah pilgrimage center, the monastery is part of the enhanced security measures, the monastery authorities installed mobile signal jammers, leaving no trace of electronic signals in the courtyard Breath.

Although this initiative dissatisfied some loyal people, they did not react too aggressively to protect the temple building from noise. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told you that a few days ago he ordered a mobile signal portable jammer.

“We installed the signals necessary for service providers to maintain and prevent the use of others with the help of personal mobile phone jammers, but we blocked all service provider signals in the temple to prevent the use of believers on mobile phones,” he said. He added that this initiative has been successful so far. “With the new initiative, believers are assured,” he said. He added that the vast majority of believers are satisfied with the new decision. This should help people connect with people in almighty peace.

Although Sri Shetra Da Mostara’s management does not plan to introduce mobile signal interference in the shelter, their security personnel want to ensure that mobile devotees are not used in the temple. Veeru Shetty temple manager said that security personnel were faithful instructions for entering the temple and must turn off their mobile phones, otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the temple.

The head of the Kaing Sri Manjunatha temple said they did not install a mobile signal jammer in the temple plan because the religious sector has a leadership role in this area, which saves a lot of trouble.