Is it really possible for prisons to use low-power jammers?

As we all know, criminals are not allowed to use cell phones in prisons or detention facilities. In fact, this problem exists in many prisons around the world, and it is not necessary to use a prison phone ban. The offenders made secret contact with the outside world and they committed the crime again. Since this phenomenon has existed for several years. How to solve this problem, the answer is to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the prison, which can isolate all external information, so that without the help of outsiders, they will lose the opportunity to commit crimes.

How do we install mobile phone 4G jammer in prison can work well. We must find the right path. As you know, the situation in prisons is very complicated. Usually there are guards, workshops and offices in the event square, criminals in prisons. Under normal circumstances, the guardhouse does not need to protect the signal, but must protect the signal in the workshop, the ward and the dormitory.

First of all, the workshop installation procedure is very practical and simple, because the workshop is always open. Just install a mobile phone jammer in every 30m open area on each floor. The height cannot exceed three meters. Considering the length, range and quantity of the workshop, we can estimate the number of mobile phone signal jammers to be installed. However, it is difficult to install a mobile phone jammer in the dormitory. Many concrete walls must add interference to achieve the penetration of shielded signals. Therefore, we must install a jammer every fifteen meters from each floor to ensure that the shield is shielded. In addition, if blind spots are found during the installation process, we will choose to install many jammers on the exterior wall of the dormitory. However, it is necessary to consider the previous waterproofness and the number of dormitories to know the number of jammers.

Finally, let’s discuss how to install a telephone signal jammer on the event square. We can choose a high-power jammer above 60W, and installing a high-power jammer will have problems. The problem is that high power interference affects the guard table, so the winemaker at the table can fine-tune the radius we are not afraid of. Similarly, if garbage is interfering with prison residents, we can also choose to improve the jammer or use a directional antenna. By the way, we should also note that prisons or detention facilities must be anti-harmful.

Why not use high power in prisons is easy to understand, this is due to the complicated conditions, that is, the thick concrete walls. Therefore, high-power jammers are the best choice for large places, but in some places, some mixtures that require low-power jammers need to be added.