A jammer is a device used to block general training signals

A wireless signal jammer is a device used to prevent signal transmission from a device that operates through signal reception. We seem to get rid of unexpected interference and live a safer life. This is a brief introduction of our wireless signal interference products.

Our mini phone portable jammer is portable wireless. It looks like the shape of a mobile phone and is very portable. It can effectively block GSM and 3G signals as well as WiFi and GPS signals. After special adjustments, it can destroy the following mobile phone frequency ranges: GSM (850-970 Mhz), GPS (1500-1600 Mhz), WiFi (2400-2480 Mhz). The wireless signal jammer emits low-power radio signals to cut off communication between the base station and all nearby mobile phones. But it cannot interfere with mobile phones with a working radius of 10 meters! Moreover, its appearance definitely looks like a spy gadget. Moreover, it sells for only $99, so anyone can afford it.