Telephone signal jammer is only used for mobile phone communication

In some places, I did not know the function of the device when I purchased the jammer. Can I block the 4G network? I don’t understand this understanding. It will affect your choice. In this process, we must actively understand these actual content. Different suppressors do not have the same specific function. Can the 4G signal be blocked? Have a good understanding of the situation. This is very important to us. In some ways it worked. Some deterrents are good. Failure to use the correct method will directly affect future results. You need to actively consider various topics before making an informed decision. People are interested in various situations. Make the right choice. Different devices have different internal technologies. Need to consider issues related to blocking radio waves from mobile phones. We conduct research from different angles. You can learn about these things in advance. The further development of this technology provides good protection for future use.

Josephus Jelianggao, the chief commissioner of the warden of the Tarissaj city prison, said he hopes the prison will also send out signal interference to prevent illegal use of mobile phones in the facility. This means that any smuggled calls entering the agency will be quickly identified. In addition, it will be relatively easy to create a list of authorized phones (held by guards, office workers, etc.) and route calls from these devices to the communication network. Or, we must ask ourselves why the guard on duty needs a phone. Mobile phones were seized in blocks 1, 2, 3, and 4 and in a high-security block. Two months ago, a cell phone jammer was installed in the prison. Last year, 72 cases of mobile phones were reportedly recorded, and this year there are 64 cases. A prison official told TNIE: “During the raid, we robbed the phone from the toilet, rainwater system and even shoes.” “Someone tore the back of the slippers, put it on the phone, and put it back. In most cases The prisoners hide their mobile phones in awkward places or ordinary places for daily use.”

The purpose and characteristics of the telephone jammer: The telephone signal jammer is only used for mobile phone communication, and will not affect other harmless electronic devices, so it can be widely used. Conference rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, consulting rooms, schools, theaters, hospitals, etc.; in addition, gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil fields, government, military, financial, securities, prisons, public security command centers may be prohibited Use your mobile phone anywhere. Interference function The mobile phone signal jammer adopts the latest SMD components and integrated circuits, with advanced performance and easy to install for a long time. The manufacturing process is strict, stable and reliable. According to the quality system, it can improve information security, ensure safe production and protect the environment. It is an ideal and reliable safety product.