Students have different guesses about mobile jammers

Products such as cell phone jammers and high-definition hidden cameras are now on display in the American Film Organization. Electronic equipment has entered the university classroom. Students in this school have different guesses about the use of this mobile handheld jammer. We believe that these electronic devices should focus on learning. The signal interference of the mobile phone is very good. Students can solve potential problems. It can now play the role of director.

Introduce the popular jammer devices in our shop. Adjustable telephone jammers are very popular. It can block four signal bandwidths: GPS, CDMA, GSM and DCS. It is also built into a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The effective blocking radius is 2-15m. Easy to operate. And the price is very cheap. It is also useful for meetings and important business events. It has excellent interference capabilities. There are optional jammer settings. The phone cannot make or receive calls within the blocked range.