The electromagnetic signal strength of the mobile phone jammer is very weak

In the past few years, we often use drones. I bought this product to “try a stylish drone”, not for commercial use. It is easier to maintain height and easier to manipulate. It is driven by the remote control. Does this gps jammer know its frequency? 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz are the two most common frequencies used by drones. Connect the transmitter to the drone through these frequencies. There are different types.

In what environment is the phone blocking program installed? A strong electromagnetic environment must be avoided to ensure the shielding effect and long-term stable operation. When not using the mobile jammer, please turn off the power in time. Waterproofing is important for outdoor use. Do not disassemble the antenna during operation, so as not to affect the shielding effect. The actual shielding range may vary depending on the location of use. The effective blocking area is a circular area centered on the mouthwash.

Is the working distance of indoor and outdoor mobile phone jammers different? Yes it is. For GPS jammers, the effective distance (30-40 meters) usually refers to the indoor distance. The coverage of outdoor areas can reach hundreds of meters. The effective range of the interfering device is related to environmental conditions, such as the distance from the base station and the installation location. These factors must be carefully considered so as not to affect the shielding effect. The electromagnetic signal strength from the mobile phone jammer is very weak.