The range of mobile jammers is related to power

Usually, interfering devices are used to interrupt or control communications. Designed to protect your area and property from threats. It can be effectively used to eliminate threats. It will interfere with GPS signals. The jammer’s antenna is large. Different types of mobile cell phone jammer have different sizes and shapes. The interference range of mobile phone jammers depends on the model. This is effective for crowding the nearby area. When connected to a 3G network, an Android-based smartphone will display an H with a 3G icon in the status bar. The reason is that Android devices can distinguish ordinary 3G networks from their more advanced superstructures. When the data transmission speed on the network is 2-15 Mbit/s, the letter H will appear in the status bar. We should also mention that 3.5G is indeed the brand of all 3G superstructures.

Another interesting fact is that the LTE standard associated with fourth-generation mobile communications is actually closer to 3G. LTE failed to meet ITC’s expectations, which is why it is still 3G, but more advanced. They even use different frequencies, while 3G works at 2000-2100 MHz, while LTE uses 875 MHz, although these frequencies may vary by country and company. The LTE standard is not only used for mobile Internet access, but also for hidden video surveillance. These hidden cameras are still very expensive and rare, but they are the most reliable form of hidden video surveillance. Therefore, we did our best to create an LTE interference device compatible with all standards and previous generation mobile phones.