Mobile jammers can be effective in a combat environment

Advanced jamming equipment provides contact and training for American aircrews to ensure that they will not be in a real combat environment when they encounter advanced electronic attack capabilities for the first time. These jammers are very important to the continued air superiority of the United States, especially when the threat of electronic warfare continues to emerge. The mobile jammer is designed to counteract the flight of UAVs/quadcopters where the mobile cell phone jammer does not allow downlink signals. It has unique software that can quickly detect drones and interfere with enemy drones within a range of up to 4 kilometers (using a special dedicated antenna).

Last month, we announced the ability to detect drone swarms. Assuming the same conditions, MyDefence has now announced the launch of a Bluetooth jammer for a group of drones. The mobile phone jammer has been verified in Electric Storm. During the event, five drone operators attempted to conduct a coordinated drone attack. Using the PJ Drone Gun Projammer effectively counteracted the coordinated attack, and all drone operators lost control of the drone.

Armies around the world often participate in “electronic warfare”, jamming everything from wireless communications and radar to satellite signals. However, as with all “live shooting” exercises, a threat alert will be issued and an exclusion of space will be announced. In addition to the school order framework, Mr. Brown emphasized that prohibition of obstruction is also “good public health information for families.” And it’s good for children. He warned his parents not to touch the screen for a long time, especially before he was seven years old. This is the promise of Macron’s presidential campaign.