The best choice for portable mobile phone jammers

When we are discussing a very important business contract, or even when we are talking about trade secrets, maybe other people will listen…In order to get us out of danger and live a safer life, we have developed mobile cell phone jammer. Once you turn it on, you don’t have to worry about listening more and more. Of course, there are many mobile jammers in our product list. To learn more, it’s best to check out some examples.

First of all, we have a new product in 2017: high-power 3G mobile phone jammer GSM WiFi LTE4G military full-signal mobile phone. It transmits on three main frequencies: GSM WiFi signal. If the signal is blocked, it will provide security for an area with a radius of about 15 meters. Once closed, it will automatically resume all wireless network activities. It also has additional features that can shield 3G and LTE4G signal isolation blockers :: GSM1800 (1805-1880MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz) and WiFi 2.4Ghz (2400-2500MHz). It has a compact size and can be held by hand. It is suitable for mains or battery power. If you are looking for a portable GSM 3G WiFi LTE4G jammer, this is your best choice.