Mobile jammers can block some network activities

Although the application range of shielding devices has been significantly broadened, cheating methods have also changed with the times, especially the application of various wireless transmitting devices in exam cheating, which has invisibly increased the anti-cheating method. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the technical advantages of mobile phone signal jammers for examinations to have a better effect under the same conditions. After all, in today’s examination room order maintenance measures, the technical requirements for signal shielding are It is relatively strict, so the technical requirements for anti-cheating means of special mobile cell phone jammer can be fully satisfied.

For the knowledgeable person, network shielding is a kind of technical activity. A small cell phone jammer device is equipped with a function to prevent or interfere with the signal from entering. You can simply find it within the range covered by its function. There is no signal. Once you get out of this area, you will enter a place with a signal, you can use the Internet to make calls, surf the Internet, and so on. In order to meet the needs of different customers, network mobile phone jammers are also made in a variety of ways, some shield mobile phone signals, some shield Internet signals, and some shield TV signals, and some mobile phone signal jammers are particularly powerful. It can be shielded and has a wide shielding range. Different shielding functions are used in different occasions, such as confidential meetings, as long as the mobile phone jammer is used, and functions such as Internet access and video playback are normal. This requires professional suppliers to design proprietary products to ensure the shielding requirements required by customers. For example, a special cell phone jammer for prisons requires shielding of all network signals, and the shielding effect is advanced.