No complicated operation of mobile jammer

These devices can block a radius of about 2-15m. However, the blocking range may vary depending on the surrounding environment. Therefore, when using this product, please make sure that there are metal objects around it. This product is also equipped with a car charger. It can be charged in commercial vehicles. very convenient. In addition, you can choose to block different radio waves. There are products that specifically inhibit gps. There are also products that can block GSM, 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones. Customers can choose different products according to the type of signal shielding. Another advantage is that it is easy to operate. No complicated operations.

Loud noise is also common on smartphones such as trains, libraries, subways, and concerts. It will bring discomfort to the people around. Today, many people value their privacy. When you operate GPS, your whereabouts may be tracked. We attach great importance to the confidentiality of information, especially in prisons, police and military sites. We will introduce an organization that can disable mobile phones. Use interference devices to prevent these phenomena. But how to choose a mobile cell phone jammer? Many people are worried about this problem. Here is a brief introduction on how to choose a jammer. If you are an outgoing jammer, you will generally choose a small cell phone jammer. Mobile jammers equipped with 5 antennas are very popular in our shop. Therefore, it is recommended to shield the radio waves from mobile phones equipped with 5 antennas. Use jamming devices to prevent cheating. We usually recommend the use of fixed jammers at the test site. In addition, we recommend using disabled devices that block smartphone signals, such as wifi, 3G, 4G, and GSM.