High-tech products mobile phone shield cover

As the use of mobile phones becomes more and more popular, the smart functions of mobile phones continue to expand. In addition to basic call and text messaging functions, they also have more application functions such as digital cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, and Internet access. These smart phone applications have greatly facilitated communication between people, facilitated the transmission of information, and enriched people’s lives. However, while mobile phones are actively promoting social development, there are many problems caused by the proliferation of mobile phones. The disadvantages that come, such as in the production workshops or assembly lines of some large factories and enterprises: It is necessary to restrict the use of mobile phones in some special places, such as factory workshops, and traditionally rely on enumerating rules and regulations, personnel supervision, and punishment systems. Thoroughly eradicate and eliminate the proliferation of mobile phones.

Mobile phone signal jammers have become the “standard” products in all kinds of examinations, whether it is the high school entrance examination, the graduate entrance examination, the English four or six test, the civil service examination, and various professional examinations, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, blocking Wireless signals are isolated from cheating through electronic products, and cell phone jammer are all used! Signal blocking will manifest itself as searching the network, no signal, no service system, etc., making the mobile phone unable to make and receive, and cannot send or receive text messages; but it will not interfere with the work of other electronic devices, thus ensuring the required place Safety, the mobile phone can be restored to normal use after leaving the partition area without any harm to the human body.

6 years have passed since the 4G signal was launched in 2014. The times are advancing, communication technology is developing, and the commercialization of 5G is getting closer. Many people will also think that as the mobile phone signal is upgraded to 5G, there must be a mobile phone jammer that shields the 5G signal. 5G mobile phone signal jammers are mainly aimed at domestic college entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-study exams and various colleges and universities. During the examination process, some criminals use mobile phones to cheat. At the same time, it also combines various intermediate and senior middle school students using mobile phones during class time. The current situation of random texting, as well as the troubles and noises caused by mobile phones in various large, medium and small meeting rooms of government agencies and enterprises, concert halls, theaters and other serious places. High-tech products carefully developed based on the actual situation of domestic mobile communications .