GPS jammers are increasingly used

GPS jammers are increasingly being used in civil applications

On the precision-guided munition side, the US Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is studying a kind of seeker that directs bombs to detect and destroy GPS jammers, called home-on-GPS jam, or HOG-J.

And so could enemies. John Flint, JDAM program manager for Boeing Weapons & Missile Systems, envisions battlefield scenarios in which US troops encounter an array of low-cost jammers used to cloak targets from US missiles.

It’s unclear precisely how vulnerable the JDAM is to GPS signal jammer. Flint, the JDAM program manager, declined to discuss a report in the Jerusalem Post which said North Korea’s jamming of GPS signals in South Korea in 2011 affected its JDAM arsenal, but he said the company is taking the threat of GPS-denied environments seriously enough to modify its weapons.

The Russian military is buying up jamming devices which it plans to mount on cell phone towers. The idea behind it is simple — the Kremlin could switch on the jammers, known as Pole-21 to confuse American GPS guidance.

Russian Defense Ministry has adopted a system of jamming “Pole-21” protecting Russian strategic facilities from enemy cruise missiles, guided bombs and drones are used for navigation and targeting GPS satellite system, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou. Latest signal jammer developed by JSC “Scientific and Technical Center of electronic warfare” (STC EW) – is mounted on the cell tower and integrated with the transmit antennas station RFI P-340RP, combined into a single network, covering impervious to signal satellite navigation dome entire neighborhoods

GPS jamming has really evolved over the last five or six years, and the laser really gives you a great capability to go GPS independent. The fact that this complex creates jamming both for the enemy, who is using the GPS radio navigation system, and also for domestic consumers of this GPS radio navigation system and also for its Russian GLONASS equivalent.

With Iraq using sophisticated global positioning systems (GPS) jammers and anti-tank missiles, U.S. officials are concerned that Russia has provided the prohibited military equipment and trained Iraqi soldiers on how to use them. However, sources close to the Kremlin believe it is not likely that Russia would risk further damaging relations with Washington, and it is more likely that former Russian technicians have gone to Iraq on their own.