The application of military jammers in various fields

The role of drones jamming in warfare

The jammer generally causes a drone to either perform a vertical controlled landing or return to its starting point – the default actions of most drones that lose communication – “assisting an investigation to identify the pilot,” the company said.

It suggests the presence in Crimea of Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopters equipped with Rychag-AV jamming stations, making these aircraft formidable weapons for EW operations. One of the main ways these systems have been employed by Russia has been to deal with counter-air defense systems and complexes by reducing their effectiveness though muting and drone jammer their radio signals. Results of Ukraine’s investigation from this past March show that, in 2016, the Russian side deployed helicopters of this type on the territories of both the SMD and the Western Military District (WMD).

Perfectjammer’s radar jamming gun forces drones to either immediately land or return to the drone operator, meaning it can defend people and infrastructure assets from drones.

A space arms race of sorts is underway with weapons under development or in the arsenals of China, Russia and the U.S. Space weapons include satellite jammers, lasers and high-power microwave gun systems.

Experts say the biggest threats seen today are non-kinetic threats such as jamming of satellite-based capabilities such as GPS and communications. And the threat isn’t limited to space-faring countries since the satellite jamming technology is relatively inexpensive.

North Korea has previously used ground GPS signal jammer, impacting both military and civilian aircraft and ships. Harrison said there’s evidence that insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq also have used jamming.

Russian media have claimed that the Russian military has developed technology capable of neutralizing an adversary’s aircraft, ships and missiles within a 5,000-kilometer radius. The claim, first reported by Vesti News on April 14, said a Russian warplane had successfully tested the electronic jamming device on a U.S. warship, the destroyer Donald Cook in the Black Sea.