Jamming devices ensures safe driving

Data from RAC, a British road-rescue company, provides theoretical support for the development of a “signal shield back”. Data from the RAC show that the number of drivers operating mobile phones during driving has risen from 8 per cent in 2014 to 31 per cent last year. The problem is not just that drivers text and call when they drive, but that if the phone is within reach, the notification prompts the driver to look at the phone.

Nissan has reportedly modified the signal shield to meet the needs of drivers who want “digital detox” but prefer to listen to music while driving. They can still use the phone via a USB or auxiliary port wired connection. Nissan says the shield is also easy to switch on so that the driver can easily reconnect to the phone as needed.

In response to the netizens’ reactions, the reporter recently interviewed shi shishi, President Chen. President Chen confirmed the “installation of mobile signal jammer in the classroom”. According to its introduction, there are more than two thousand students, more than 40 classes. Due to the serious phenomenon of students playing mobile phones in the classroom, they have had a great impact on normal teaching activities, so they decided to install mobile signal jammers in each classroom. At present, most classes in the central high school have been installed. After these “jammers” are enabled, cell phone signals are blocked in the classroom. But as soon as you get out of the classroom, the signal will be restored. For the “health impact” problem, Chen, a physics major, explained that there was no scientific common sense. On the one hand, the installed jammer is a qualified product, and its electromagnetic radiation is in accordance with the relevant national standards, and many schools and examination halls are already in use. On the other hand, from a physical point of view, the frequency of electromagnetic waves emitted by jammers is low, which will not affect the human body at all.

Ledong county, the county government workgroup to county, head of the armed forces or by a medical related events and check the conscription examination, and to draft a medical field by county public security special police brigade to stand guard on duty, adopt closed management, troops orderly organization for youth to participate in the examination, the field installation and practice highly mobile phone 4G jammer.

The relevant person in charge of ledong county, said the draft work is a serious political task, is to strengthen national defense and army building is an important work, especially in the current international situation is grave and complicated case, conscription work involved departments and personnel to obey the work discipline and work discipline, just open, honest conscription, guard a pass strictly, practical and good comprehensive quality excellent young selected, for troop supply high quality personnel.