The drone threat is increasing every year, and security authorities are taking it seriously

In recent years the threat of drones has become increasingly vivid to many security agencies. Drones, nowadays, are used by terrorist and criminals for a multitude and variety of activities such as dropping small bombs on enemy forces in Syria and Iraq, and the same drones are often used for reconnaissance and smuggling of illicit contrabands to prisons.

Basically, the drone signal jammer creates an envelope of jamming which surrounds the drone. Concretely, the system jams the downlink signal of the drone to the drone operator and the signal coming from the GPS satellite.

Before we also want to rules prohibit taking your cell phone, but found that can only be false, considering the students do have to contact the needs of the family and Internet access to information, so adopting flexible policy, but it seems the students’ self-control ability is weak, many children secretly after lights out at night to play mobile phone, so the school to install blockers in the dormitory, but also to prevent students use mobile phone after lunch break and night lights out.”

Mr Li also admitted that this notice is mainly aimed at public places, but it can install in the public places did not make clear a regulation, the school has also apply to the watchdog, by the trust, but no one department can give approval.

“I support the school’s approach and very much want the school to take measures to strictly control students’ mobile phones.” Mr. He, who lives in dongguan, said. The reporter interviewed some middle school, high school student parents to find out, to the school install screen cell phone jammer, the parents mostly raise their hands to approve.

For one thing, it turns out we haven’t actually been doing much offensive electronic warfare for most of those 16 years. Back when Bacon flew over Iraq, the overwhelming focus was on just one mission: jamming radio-controlled roadside bombs (RCIEDS).

The Army has no standard-issue offensive jamming gear at all, although some is being developed and ad hoc kit is being hastily fielded to Europe. The Air Force has the EC-130H Compass Call, but it’s a big and slow target derived from the C-130 turboprop cargo plane, and the aircraft is wearing out.