Russia is deploying a new air defense system made up of jamming technology

Moscow’s utilization of electronic warfware (EW) in Ukraine and other countries, combined with the use of cutting edge Russian air defences – possible one of the best on the planet – has returned jamming in the interest point for the US Navy and its armada of EA-18G Growlers.

So this would disable communications with the drone, but all other systems should remain functioning? If the drone had appropriate programming to recognize a jamming scenario and a GPS signal on its launch position, it could presumably react and go back home?

Tinker is where the Air Force conducts heavy depot maintenance on both the B-52 and B-1 bombers and is home to the shop in charge of maintaining the Stratofortress’ existing TF33 engines. There is also no indication that the proposed “B-52J” nomenclature is in any way related to previous concepts that used that moniker, such as the B-52 Stand-Off cell phone jammer electronic warfare platform or unofficial B-52J arsenal plane concepts.

Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern presented the REX-1 counter-UAV rifle. This man-portable jammer provides a non-kinetic drone inhibitor. Utilizing multi-band signal jammer to defeat small UAS from a relatively short range, it can also be used to disrupt mobile phone communications, for example, securing a suspected…

It would be interesting to see if they jammed GPS L1&L2, shifted the timing to produce a false location and/or brute force jammed 2.4&5.8 GHz with 27 MHz etc. Cell/GPS jammers are avalavible to the general public. I saw a thread on here where neighbors were fighting about drone use and one bought this jammer from China. On the manufactures website a video showed the jammer made a P4 autoland supposedly.

The country’s anti-drone air defense force is training with a rifle-shaped antenna that can jam the remote control signals of a drone. The jammer-wielding soldiers are paired with other shotgun-armed squad members, whose shotguns fire specialized shells. (As to how those shells are specialized, the Ministry doesn’t say, but there is at least one counter-drone system which fires shotgun shells that release nets on the target). Rifle-shaped jamming devices are more common in the counter-drone world, and the United States had adopted them to such a degree that even the National Guard trains with drone-jammer rifles.

Signal intelligence system along with electro-optical sensors, provide additional layers of threat classification and identification, while RF jamming provides the soft-kill layer of this solution.