Whether the use of jamming weapons has any effect on the human body?

All you need is an antenna and a bigger power supply than the signal you want to overload. With GPS, the signal strength is pretty low by the time it reaches human activities, so you could jam a large area with a car battery, a bit of frequency conversion, and a metal post.

What is changed is the range of the signal jammer. The Orlan-10 drones already have a range of 75 miles, which means that, with the latest update on the jammer, the drone pod can interfere with signals up to 135 miles away from where the drone was launched. TASS reports that the 60-mile range is a 3.5 times increase in distance from the initial range.

The three most significant threats to global navigation satellite systems come from jamming, spoofing, and counter-space capabilities. Ground-based receivers can be jammed using commercially available equipment, leaving satellite receivers unable to access satellite signals for as long as the jammer is deployed. As a result, affected users will lose navigational capability and systems reliant on timing signals, such as transportation networks, will cease to function. There were reports of this kind of ground-based disruption on Trident Juncture, the recent NATO exercise in the high North, affecting Norwegian vessels. Indeed, there has been some misplaced speculation that this may have played a part in the sinking of the Helge Ingstad. Currently, jamming is only possible against receivers, not the signal-providing satellites, although this has the potential to change in the short to medium term as states increase the extent of their space-assisted military operations.

Army planners are thrashing out how many electronic warfare specialists the service needs, not just to rebuild radio-cell phone jammer and spoofing capability in combat units, but to create a training cadre that can sustain the EW corps for the long-term. Whether this plan for robust growth — certainly hundreds of soldiers, possibly over a thousand…

Throughout the corrections world the news spread fast. For South Carolina Corrections director Brian Stirling, the news affirmed his beliefs: to stop the flood of mobile phones streaming into prisons, jamming technology was the best, cheapest, and most efficient way to go.

The Next Generation Jammer is the navy’s main effort to recapitalise its airborne electronic attack capability. The new system will augment and eventually replace the ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently integrated on EA-18G Growler aircraft.