Having a new jamming technology means a huge advantage

Duke is an outgrowth of a U.S. Army development effort to defeat remote-controlled improvised explosive devices that began in 2005, known as Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare, or CREW. The initial versions of the AN/VLQ-12 went into Humvees, MRAPs, and other Army armored and unarmored vehicles, to provide short-range jamming to prevent terrorists and insurgents from setting off those bombs with cell phones and other remote triggers.

If permitted, the school will jam cell phone frequencies during class time but not between classes or during lunch. “We believe that there are times during the school day that parents need to have access to students and students need to have access to family members, and doctors and things like that,” said Hook.

High Power Mobile Phone signal jammer is a very helpful when you are running on main project or driving on a busy road so that you could focus on that unique project as well on driving to avoid any tragedy while talking on the mobile phone. It also maintain when you are conducting any special business discussion or any conference with so that no one can disturb you. The mobile jammer can also be very useful at house while you are sleeping or when you are in washroom or bath because in such kinds of circumstances you just could not pick the mobile phone and in such cases many people get too angry if an urgent call comes in that circumstances.

Unfortunately, GPS has been mostly abandoned for guided weapons and fighter-jets for a while : advanced inertial navigation correlated with terrain recognition and stars mapping, visual acquisition of targets coupled with AI etc etc have became the trend for a while since such systems have simply no effect against it…

Note that there is another trend : having upgraded old remaining GPS weapons software. As soon as a cell phone jammer is put on, the weapon guides itself on the source of jamming.

The system with its narrow jamming cones has some capability to handle swarms by moving the jammer in a circular pattern, but this is not a robust capability. Using advanced radio transmitters such as those found in AESAs, which can shape the beam into distinct shapes, could aid with this.