China’s jamming technology could be the biggest threat to the United States

Beijing’s recent space activities indicate that it is developing co-orbital anti-satellite systems to target U.S. space assets. Co-orbital anti-satellite systems consist of a satellite “armed with a weapon such as an explosive charge, fragmentation device, kinetic energy weapon, laser, radio frequency weapon, jammer, or robotic arm.” Besides the “hard-kill” methods, Beijing is also testing soft-kill methods to incapacitate enemy satellites. For instance, China has been acquiring a number of foreign and indigenous ground-based satellite jammers since the mid-2000s. These jammers are designed to disrupt an adversary’s communications with a satellite by overpowering the signals being sent to or from it. The PLA can use these jammers to deny an adversary the access to the GPS and other satellite signals. Directed energy lasers are also a soft-kill method that could be used in an anti-satellite mission. China has been committing resources to the research and development for directed energy weapons since the 1990s.

According to Guizhou Province Radio Authority Supervision and Inspection Department researcher Xu Preston introduction, set the use of mobile communication GPS jammer, need to apply for approval and filing in accordance with state regulations. Inadvertent use of these compliance units caused by interference is common in the installation of improper location, or commissioning of the technical parameters of unreasonable, such as transmitting power is too large, which affect the public’s mobile communications.

To help thwart adversaries from targeting them, US forces can deploy jammers, making aircraft and troops “invisible” to enemy tech. Preventing detection enables effective strikes and helps keep American fighters safe.

Such as the teacher in class, and outside the square was dancing square dance, put a lot of music. Because of the same frequency, these noises will cause the teacher to speak unclearly. If the student can not understand clearly, the signal jammer will influence the communication signal through a similar process.

Even the North Koreans have it – but this latest testing does look unusual. The lack of ground jamming could indicate that the device is airborne, but the FAA only concerns itself with airspace, so ground based jammers can’t be ruled out.