For what purpose did educational institutions start using jamming devices

So what are these devices for? The reporter found xu hong, deputy director of the school’s modern education technology center. Xu Hong told students to these electronic equipment after the purpose of speculation and opinions, some regret told reporters: “may be the time is hasty, haven’t come yet and the students in our school specifically explains the purpose of these electronic devices, the electronic equipment is used for construction of standardized examination room, do not use at ordinary times, more is not used to monitor student.”

Signal jammer, hd camera, synchronous clock… In the eyes of ordinary citizens, the electronic devices that should have appeared in American blockbusters or some high-end organizations have quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of huaian university. Controversy also ensued, with classmates reflecting the poor reception of mobile phones and the feeling of being watched. To find out, yesterday morning, the reporter undertook a field visit to the school.

Canada, like many countries, has a prison contraband problem. Its inmates are sneaking in cell phones at an increasing rate, so, to stop them from running crime rings from the inside, the country is thinking about using cell phone jammer in its correctional facilities.

NTIA conducted an independent evaluation of micro-jamming technology to determine its efficacy and interference potential with Radio Frequency communications. The BOP and NTIA will review the data and analysis results from both BOP’s and NTIA’s testing and develop recommendations for strategic planning and possible acquisition.

Students at the university have different guesses about the use of electronic devices that sound larger and taller. Xu students think, these devices should be used to supervise and urge students to listen attentively in class, “I feel good, and now college students have few listen attentively can not play with the mobile, sometimes the teacher also embarrassed tube, even if the tube the effect is not very good, now the cell phone signal shielding, students can’t play mobile phone, although can not fundamentally solve the problem, how to say but can also play a part.”

As much as jails and prisons try to keep out cell phones through sophisticated metal detectors, inmates keep figuring out a way to smuggle them in. Experts say the only way to keep inmates from using them to conduct criminal activity is through cell phone jamming technology in state and local corrections facilities.