Signal jammers begin to be widely used in various fields

Primary and secondary schools prohibit students from using mobile phones, shielding students’ cellphone signals from the extreme form of “test education thinking”. Actually, in the face of students for comprehensive knowledge and consulting the demand of the university should be to find ways to guide and create the right conditions, use the “under siege” to safeguard the so-called “learning and rest” than “teaching quality” of high scores, essence is “wasting” pupils.

Russian electronic interference with the Finnish & Norwegian GPS networks began early September, 2017 and was decided to be kept classified by Norwegian authorities until the exact nature of the scenario was determined.

Loss of commercial aircraft GPS capabilities certainly could have resulted in a catastrophic air disaster, but Norwegian Intel believes Russian GPS signal jammer over Finland/Norway was not the intent of the Russian government nor Russin military.

As a modern communication tool, mobile phones are not limited to communication functions. Many young people’s development of society, the development of the outside world and even the development of personality is obtained through the mobile phone. Many students are used to surfing the web on their mobile phones, checking the news, paying attention to events, acquiring information and knowledge, and their status is getting heavier and heavier among young people. It can be said that mobile phones have become a mobile encyclopedia for students. But the school did not understand the underlying trend behind the phenomenon and tried to kill it.

GPS jamming technology can also be used to manage drones. Professor Todd Humphreys and his team have taken control of an unmanned drone through a GPS spoofing technique at Austin. They used tiny helicopters to disrupt the GPS systems on unmanned aircraft, and then to provide coordinates for drones to move towards their given targets.

It’s not the first time a drone’s vulnerability has been exposed, it’s easy to buy a GPS jammer on the Internet, and then force a drone to crash or other operations. And this signal interference is effective for all unmanned aircraft.