Introduction to the use place of jamming equipment

This product for all the current GPS satellite positioning system and the characteristics of wireless videotaping, in the radius of 5-30 meters within the effective GPS satellite signals and wireless video transmission signal truncated, so that your whereabouts are not worried about being tracked, videotaping.

This signal jammer holster with signal isolation function, when you put the phone into the holster, the signal will stop transmission. This is a very gentleman’s way of shielding, neither disturbing others, nor let others bother you.

With the increasing demand for interference fine, the bands control switch came into being. Through these switches, you can open the jammer, select the bands you want to open or close. This is a very convenient feature, the first can make the signal interference more targeted. Second, the closure of some need to interfere with the band can be effective in saving electricity.

What would you do if you had a call that you did not want to answer, or would you like to stay quiet? Maybe some people will use cell phone jammer, but this is not necessary. If you only want to make sure your phone can not accept the signal, then you can try using this signal to shield the holster.

Desktop Jammers usually can block all cellphone, can be a good guarantee of the surrounding quiet. At the same time, desktop jammers also have a large jamming range, jamming signal stability characteristics. For the user, this is a very good feature.

With the popularity of smart phones, now in public places unscrupulous use of mobile phone phenomenon can be seen everywhere. When you listen to light music, enjoy dinner, there will always be annoying ringing sounded. When you are in the cinema and the theater to enjoy the wonderful clips, always hear the voice of the phone camera. When you pray in the church, there will always be a ringing tone to break the tranquility.