Fully understand the performance characteristics of jamming equipment

Now, before constructing one, let’s just know how it works in the first place. This cell phone jammer operates at GSM800 frequency since most mobile phones use it to operate. So the selected VCO is a sweeping oscillator, which is very effective but may be hard to construct for the beginners without nice RF-testing equipment.

We all need those peaceful moments after a busy day. But when the telephone bell rang always around, at times it can be downright annoying to hear your phone ringing especially at places you expect silence. we can do something about it?

However, as a mobile phone APP can interfere with the phone itself is a bit unbelievable. Its authenticity has yet to be confirmed. So if you need a jammer, make it yourself or buy one, which is more reliable

Cellphone signal jammer  is the App that allows you to detect presence of jamming devices around. In that situation your mobile phone loses the ability to make a phone call. If it happened, the App gives you a visual or sound message. The time for reaction on a working jammer depends on hardware communication part of your device and typically can be in 30-60 sec range.

Also, you’ll need a good RF-testing equipment, an aluminium box, ultra-high frequency connectors which can be found in old phones, 9-volt battery, and a voltage regulator. RF input (which is this port of the mixer) connects to the first 800MHz cell phone antenna, and the RF output is sent to the mini-circuit amplifier. This amplifier increases the output power for 15-16dbm. The amplified signal is then sent to the second cell phone antenna.

As far as I know, there is none. A jammer transmits radio waves under same frequency of a cell phone which intervenes connection between a mobile and the tower. A normal mobile will not have such unit fabricated in their motherboard. A separate signal jammer is what you should buy to achieve this.