It is imperative to use jamming equipment in the academy

“Cell phone use in classrooms is now so rampant that the students now think they have a right to use them during class. They are not listening to instruction and directions need to be repeated many times because they were texting, listening to music on their phone playing a game or watching a video or movie. Some students have even taken or made a voice call during class. Blocking the phone in a classroom is for the good of the students.”

Anyway, we can see that most people support teachers using jammers. Cell phone jammer block most types of signals, effectively preventing students from cheating, using cell phones in class, etc. Therefore, the rational use of jammers is not a bad thing.

Chinese and Indian schools use signal jammer to stop cheaters. Mexico allows jammers in churches and hospitals. And Pakistan allows jamming in banks and libraries.

Most countries, including the U.S., use jammers to thwart cell phone-triggered bomb attacks against government leaders. When President Obama walked down Pennsylvania Avenue after his inauguration, all cell phones were jammed in the area. The U.S. military uses jammers to stop roadside bomb attacks in Iraq.

But how can schools calm the use of cell phones? One Philadelphia head teacher tried to explain to a parent recently that her school simply takes the phones away from kids who won’t stop using them and keeps them for a number of weeks. The parent wasn’t impressed.

Some believe that teaching kids not to use phones in class is simply a matter of teaching them respect. But when they see their parents using them at the dinner table, walking down the street and even driving, what are kids supposed to think?