Mobile phone jammers are becoming more common in educational institutions

One of the schools I used to work for had a small cell phone jammer that would jam Wifi and GSM/3G signal. They used to let us use them in our classes. It was always funny watching students trying to figure out why their phones weren’t working. I think they should be installed in movie theatres and they also work pretty well when it comes to drones if you are close enough.

One of Britain’s top cops has come up with an unconventional solution for dealing with pesky teenage hackers: Make them wear portable Wi-Fi jammers. Jammers disrupt by overwhelming a device with useless signals — so this can be obstructed. A Faraday cage is able to block signals to and from to a smartphone, so building a DIY one around the tag would stop the jammer working.

lso, only enemy military are even likely to have jammers. The devices play havoc on the communication infrastructure of the region it is used in. Shutting down all mobile phones, and radio communication and Wi-Fi while trying to jam a drone is not something that you casually do. Only the military has the authorization to do something that destructive.

The only way to do it without affecting the WiFi and/or cellular in the areas around the bathrooms is a wifi jammer. After spending that money, people will still be able to play on their phones without data, read a book or rub one out. That is the only technological solution that will work.

Besides target drones, all of them have a Ground Control Station component which is linked by radio telemetry to the aerial vehicule and sensors. Every radio signal can be jammed, altough this comes impractical because the jammed drone will fly away to a standby point away from your jamming source; and they can use several frequencies to communicate with their base.

The U.S. Army wants drone-mounted signal wifi jammer now to dominate future electronic warfare and is switching to a little-understood and lightly regulated contracting method to get them. And while jamming communications as a self-defense measure isn’t new, lately it’s affecting AC-130 gunships operating in the area, according to the head of U.S. Special Operations Command.

The recent reports out of Syria highlight the inclusion of these in an evolving battlespace. One of the simplest threats to drones is the blocking or scrambling its reception of a signal from a GPS satellite. This “GPS jamming” can produce serious operational impact on military mission and will likely become more and more prevalent. According to a piece by NBC, Russians are using GPS jamming against the U.S. military’s smaller surveillance aircraft.