Signal jamming device as a tool to maintain order

Now almost every student in a school own their cell phones. What’s worse, cell phones have become many students’ “weapon” against their teachers. Most students are found using their cell phones to surf on the internet during a lecture; many students tend to listen to music or play video games in classroom; it frequently happens that a sudden cell phone ring during a classroom lecture often arouses distractions; or even worse that some students make use of cell phones to help them cheat in an exam…. It has been reported that a new phenomenon “cyber bullying” refers to that students electronically torment others via text messaging and social networks, when they should be paying attention to lectures.

he war has entered the drone era faster than expected, and the “overhead dangers” of civilian drones are growing, with the exception of large drones such as the global hawk. At home and abroad, the phenomenon of “black flying” and “flying” has emerged endlessly, which has attracted more and more attention to the problems of safety supervision, such as the take-off and landing of civil aviation aircraft, and the eavesdropping of secret regions.

The UAV signal jammer market is growing rapidly, and drones are now playing a role in aerial photography, mapping, delivery, rescue and other areas. But then there are the “troubles” that affect the order of aviation, the intrusion of sensitive areas… These phenomena, and more also led to the surrounding the rapid development of the derivatives industry, in addition to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) equipment and service providers, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) “predators” also benefit a lot from it, this gives an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) enterprise has brought enormous development opportunities.

Most drones rely on external signals to maintain normal flight activities, including radio flight instructions, GPS signals and so on. There is a saying in the field of electronic warfare: there is no electronic equipment that can not be interfered with, and there is no interference with it. So, in theory, all drones can interfere. It’s just more difficult to jam military drones.

Under such circumstances, a School Classroom Cell Phone Jammer is supposed to be installed/equipped to release the teachers from those torments. To block the common 3G 4G WIFI/Bluetooth signals used by these cellphones, a Mobile phone 3G 4G WIFI signal jammer will be enough.

One of the most popular things that are being used in the schools now days is the cell phone jammer. There are a lot of teachers and schools who think that school is an institution to learn and a device like cell phone can distract the pupils and interrupt in their studies. We all are aware of the fact the students defiantly are not be able to talk on the phone during class, but they can text their friends.