The U.S. military has stepped up its procurement of signal jamming weapons

Raytheon Company delivered the first Next Generation GPS jammer Mid-Band Engineering and Manufacturing Development pod to the U.S. Navy to begin ground and aircraft integration testing. Raytheon will deliver 15 EMD pods for mission systems testing and qualification as well as 14 aeromechanical pods for airworthiness certification.

Before we also want to rules prohibit taking your cell phone, but found that can only be false, considering the students do have to contact the needs of the family and Internet access to information, so adopting flexible policy, but it seems the students’ self-control ability is weak, many children secretly after lights out at night to play mobile phone, so the school to install blockers in the dormitory, but also to prevent students use mobile phone after lunch break and night lights out.”

The first NGJ-MB pod is out the door,” said Stefan Baur, vice president of Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems. “We are one step closer to extending the Navy’s cell phone jammer range and capability. Delivery of this pod will allow for the initial verification of ground procedures, mass properties, aircraft installation, and Built In Test checks in preparation for future chamber and flight test.”

Experts said the enrolled students to bring mobile phone in China has become a problem, this is not a problem, in a foreign country for foreign families pay more attention to accompany children, parents in the company will teach the children how to proper use of electronic products, “how many parents can fully with domestic, some parents to accompany children also do not put down the phone, some parents directly throw a person playing mobile phone or watching cartoons.”

DroneShield’s other handheld jamming devices, the DroneGun and the DroneGun Tactical, work by blasting drones with electromagnetic noise at the same frequencies the aircraft use for control communications and video transmission.