The defense department is beginning to focus on the use of jamming equipment in the military

The data in the report will be used by BOP and the Department to understand the efficacy of micro-jamming, conduct further evaluation of jamming technology, and develop recommendations for strategic planning.

Simply program a small microntroller to generate a random-noise base signal and possibly the serial control strings for the PLL chip and wire it into the cellfone’s circuit. Ok, that part might be a little tricky, but a little collaboration with the online hacker community could easily produce diagrams for a handful of the more popular phones showing which wires to solder into to inject your rogue signal and activate the RF amp section etc… But all the hard work of creating the RF signal generator and amp and wave shaping circuits and antenna would already be done for you!

The device is capable of obstructing telecommunication protocols between the drone and its remote control. Moreover, the anti-drone gun X1 allows to ensure frequency hopping communication systems. In fact, this device is effective against UAVs, IEDs (GPS jammer the triggering instruction given by gsm jammer or radio control) and various communication protocols.

Analysis of aggregate wifi jammer emissions at prison facilities is beyond the scope of the report, as aggregate analysis would require detailed knowledge of specific facilities’ physical characteristics, the exact placement of individual jamming transmitters within such facilities, and the exact electronic characteristics of the jamming transmitters.

An effective jammer does not necessarily need to be outputting a significantly higher power level than the devices it wishes to jam. most Cellfones use CDMA technology which means they are all essentially broadcasting on the same frequency, but they are all synchronized with the base station and transmit different “codes” within that frequency to allow the base station to decipher them individually. However, a single rogue phone on the CDMA frequency that is constantly blasting out garbage noise instead of carefully synched CDMA codes will drown out its immediate neighbors…

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