What factors should you pay attention to when installing the cell phone signal jammer

In what environment can install cell phone jammer and the effect is better, why sometimes the device of mobile phone signal shield effect, or the effect is very poor? In fact, this is due to your use of mobile phone signal shield surrounding the environment. Mobile phone signal shielding with specific installation technology, must consider the following factors: 1, indoor shielding comprehensive factors: 1, think about the need to shield the area of horizontal application field air product; 2. Think about the floor height of the shielded area or the vertical vertical height calculated from the air; 3. It is necessary to consider the shielding effect of decoration materials and building materials themselves; 4. It is necessary to consider whether the source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification have been adopted indoors; 5. It is necessary to consider the proportion of indoor metal and non-metal; 6. It is necessary to consider whether the transmission frequency of indoor existing wireless equipment can cause the same frequency interference; 7. It is necessary to think about the acceptance ability and safe interval of the anti-abnormal frequency interference of the existing indoor fine instrument equipment; 8, need to think about the house Windows, doors and Windows isolation and orientation

2. Comprehensive factors in outdoor shielding: 1. Consideration should be given to the equipment in open and non-open fields; 2. 3. The influence of the shield at the interval and the antenna selection upward on the repeater signal and the antenna selection; 4. The shielding ability of isolation wall and sundries to the transmitting signal of repeater station; 5. Stray objects and non-moving solid state barriers can obstruct the radio wave of the shield; 6. Feasibility analysis of resistance and avoidance of large and strong radio magnetic wave intensity such as space TV transmitter tower, military radio transmitter tower and aircraft navigation system; Various environmental factors will lead to the use of mobile phone signal shield will be weak. Moreover, the current mobile phone signal shield adopts uplinking (base station) technology, which will not affect the use of surrounding personnel to use mobile phones, but also improve the mobile phone signal shield is more demanding on the environment.