Parameters of 5G mobile phone signal jammer

5G signal is the hottest topic this year, and the construction of 5G base stations across China has started to carry out 5G signal coverage. How convenient is it to use 5G signals? On the morning of May 10, 5 g digital industry association of hunan province and 5 g + plans to launch ceremony in changsha city mei sihu international culture and art center, start ceremony, mobile and xiangjiang river of hunan district, hunan university, xiangya hospital, vanda environment, cool wow vanda partners signed a strategic agreement, such as establishment of 5 g digital industry alliance, common to speed up the development of 5 g application innovation. At the experience site, li bo, general manager of hunan mobile changsha branch, also got through the first 5G video phone call with zhou zhijun, standing committee member of tianxin district committee of changsha city and executive vice director of changsha city. It is conceivable how much convenience 5G brings to the people.

5G as a new information technology infrastructure, which can provide at least ten times more than the peak rate of 4 g, millisecond transmission delay and the pull of the billions of level of connectivity, can be widely used in automatic driving, big health medical, industrial Internet, wisdom city, high-definition video application scenario, such as the Internet infrastructure to build things, to promote the Internet, the big data fusion, artificial intelligence and the real economy depth, support high quality development, is of great significance. It also brings rapid development of science and technology.

“3G, 4G, it’s probably low frequency, longer wavelength, and at this high frequency, it might resonate with some of the oscillating frequencies of water molecules and oxygen.” After the arrival of 5G, we should not only enjoy the future technological progress and convenience brought by 5G, but also pay attention to the impact of electromagnetic wave on human body.

China mobile and China unicom issued licenses for the use of medium and low frequency test frequencies in 5G systems. Among them, China telecom and China unicom obtained the license for trial frequency of 3500MHz band, and China mobile obtained the license for trial frequency of 2600MHz band and 4900MHz band. Therefore, it is safe to use 5G cell phone jammer within the range. While China unicom and China telecom have secured more international mainstream spectrum, China mobile’s story is much more complicated. In terms of subdivision, China mobile obtained 5G test frequency resources in the bands of 2515mhz-2675mhz and 4800mhz-4900mhz, among which the bands of 2515-2575mhz, 2635-2675mhz and 48800-4900mhz were newly added bands, and the band of 2575-2635mhz gave priority to China mobile’s existing td-lte (4G) frequency.