Why are many people interested in cell phone jammers?

Smartphones are an indispensable companion in life in Germany. It plays a very important role in people’s lives. Without them, it is impossible to imagine how bad life will be. For this reason, we Germans like to build parts for mobile phones. Therefore, at the request of some users, the use of the smartphone should be as smooth as possible anywhere.

Why are many people interested in cell phone jammer because people’s lives are so inextricably linked to smartphones? The advent of mobile phones has indeed brought us great convenience. Nothing can be replaced. In some areas, however, the use of mobile phones is very heinous: the conference room manager decides whether subordinates should be prevented from playing mobile phones. during classroom classroom Concerned about students using smartphones to influence learning; Cinema operators are also very interested in smartphone signal blockers, as this can ensure the tranquility of the theater, which of course must be equipped with public telephones; Some retailers are also interested in multiband telephone jammers, as this can prevent business customers from asking about the price over the network, resulting in higher returns.

The cell phone jammer sends its own signal to disrupt or block the reception of the required GSM radio signal. Some jammers block not only the cellular network, but also the GPS signal and the WiFi data network. Does this mean people can buy cell phones to jam the device for free use?

Since the state is monopolized on radio frequencies, only government agencies can buy jammers, for example to prevent criminals from using their cell phones for illegal transactions such as drug trafficking, jailbreaking, etc. Some government officials use cellular phones to interfere. Prevent spies from being tracked down, block bombs with a remote control, etc. In some EU countries, individuals are prohibited from using cell phone jammers illegally, as this not only interferes with private radio communications, but also blocks the radios of other important authorities, e.g. Police, fire department and so on. In addition, emergency calls cannot be sent.

However, in some countries and regions, jammers are approved or used by public agencies. For this reason, jammers for mobile phones are used in many cinemas, theaters, churches and petrol stations to prohibit the use of mobile phones. It is not difficult for some powerful electricians to make a simple jammer. Therefore, we should not use it for illegal purposes when purchasing the jammer. It can be confiscated and fined.