Can jammers destroy GPS frequency bands?

Drones more disruptively destroy the drones’ flight by transmitting radio wave noise with radio frequencies and blocking the effective communication between the drone and its controller. Mainly unassigned public frequencies, namely 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, also known as “RF interference”. This means that drone jammers do not interfere with the normal radio frequency range of aircraft, cell phones, etc. that are normally used.

In addition to disrupting the “common frequency”, the UAV jammer can also partially disrupt the GPS band. If the drone is hit by the signal emitted by the jammer, the unmanned machine returns to the origin and the drone’s controls can be monitored at this time. Sometimes the UAVs hovered in the air or landed vertically.

The signal shielding range of drones is usually between a few hundred and a thousand kilometers, so that a signal jammer can withstand drones several kilometers away. In the fight against drones, the use of drone jammers is safer than other systems and does not destroy drones and evidence. Other programs, such as B. dropping drones usually cause damage to the drone and can even lead to accusations of damaging private property.

In the military field, drones are playing a major role. If a drone carries an artificial bomb or other dangerous object, using a jammer is the safest method, since a jammer would force the drone to return to its origin, and otherwise shooting the drone can cause the bomb to explode , There are even losses or deaths.

Nowadays drones are common in real life, such as for personal travel, aerial photography, children’s entertainment tools, etc. However, drones have many illegal uses, such as carrying bombs, illegally monitoring, smuggling prohibited objects, sneaking and damaging them the airport’s flights and more.

The use of drone jammers is necessary. Incidents involving terrorist drones have occurred frequently in the past: an ISIS drone with explosives killed two Peshmerga fighters and wounded two French soldiers, and was used for surveillance on the battlefield. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said: Some small drones could cause serious casualties if they were bombarded with small explosives.

This portable drone jammer gun uses a pistol-shaped design to interfere with the drone’s frequency band, causing the drone’s remote control to fail and the captured images and videos cannot be returned. This forces the drone to hover and land, and cuts it off. The connection between the drone and the remote control and the ground station is particularly suitable for military areas such as prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, secret areas and military units.