Can GPS jammers block GPS and mobile signals as well as WiFi internet connections?

GPS navigation systems are becoming increasingly popular today. Almost everyone uses it for personal and professional purposes. Almost everyone has a GPS navigation system installed in the car, so we can find a route anywhere in seconds. The GPS navigator is very popular because it helps us to reach our destination faster. However, GPS navigation systems sometimes affect our privacy. gps jammer are a perfect tool for you when you are tracking or watching. Use GPS signal jammers to drive anywhere and stay invisible. Just bring the jammer with you and turn it on. Nobody can find our location. GPS jammers range from 5 meters to 100 meters.
How can GPS jammers help protect privacy?

If you want to protect your privacy and prevent tracking, we recommend that you connect your GPS jammer to your car and install it in your car. We also have a more powerful multi-function jammer that blocks GPS and mobile signals as well as WiFi internet connections. Multi-function jammers work in all available areas. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can carry the jammer with you.

If this is your first time using the jammer, just press the ON button to get started. When the jammer is running, signals such as GPS, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G etc. are blocked. If you want to use a jammer anywhere (not just in your car), you need to buy a portable battery jammer. They are small and light so you can put them in your pocket or purse. Nobody will notice that you have a jammer.

People can use this scrambler everywhere: in churches, temples, schools, universities, hospitals, petrol stations, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, etc.