Can WiFi jammers penetrate walls?

It seems that the NSA scandal will not subside as various social media get more and more information about the organization’s illegal activities. We all know that the NSA collects private information from US citizens and tells us that this is done to fight terrorists. Well, these guys focused on the most vulnerable modern gadget – our smartphone.

We always tell all of our readers that smartphones are dangerous. They are at the forefront of the most dangerous mobile gadgets we’ve released recently. “Der Spiegel” said that the NSA can receive information stored on your smartphone. They also said that their reporters saw papers that prove their testimony.

Well, that seems to be true based on two facts. First, the NSA has already broken the law by spying on US citizens and violating their privacy rights, and the second – smartphones are vulnerable. And as long as people ignore the basic security rules for private data on smartphones, they remain the same.

Smart phone privacy scandal

Der Spiegel wrote that neither mobile carriers nor large manufacturers were involved in the process, but are rather doubtful. On the one hand, large carriers like Verizon have already shown their attitude towards the personal data of the users and made them available for sale. So we assume that the business is involved here.

We have already written about vulnerabilities in modern mobile operating systems and Spiegel’s report confirms our view. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using, many of them have their own specific vulnerabilities and gaps. Using them is just a matter of time and technology, so the NSA will likely have their smartphone under control.

We should also mention that BlackBerry users are not safe here either. They say that BlackBerry is the most reliable operating system and all the data stored there is encrypted. That’s not the case, Spiegel reported, that the NSA has access to the data stored on these devices, including text messages, emails, contact lists, etc.

data protection
What can we do to protect ourselves from such rude interference in our private lives? Above all, it will be wise to review this article, the main idea is well illustrated here. To stop this overwhelming espionage, we have to make it really expensive. First of all, we have to stop sharing personal information with our smartphones, they can be easily hacked via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and their location can be tracked via GPS and cell phone tower triangulation.

Second, block your smartphones, share a lot of personal information while connected to the Internet. In this case, a combined GSM, 3G and 4G cell phone helps with interference. So you can be sure that your location is not being tracked. We also recommend avoiding public WiFi hotspots, as these networks are vulnerable and any information you send over wifi jammer can be intercepted by third parties.

Keep an eye on your smartphone because the information you have there is very valuable. Your privacy is your concern these days, keep NSA and other spies out of your private life!