Jammers prevent any privacy threats

Portable devices make our lives more comfortable, but did you know that sometimes they are dangerous? That is why we would like to show you the five most important mobile gadgets that you can spy on and steal your personal data. The first study was done by the Reticle Research Group, but we added a few devices and rearranged the top a bit. So let’s get started.

The first place is Google Glass. Although this portable computer is quite expensive – it has a few vulnerable spots and can be used against you. This device can record videos and make pictures transparent and violate your privacy. Another point here is that these AR glasses use Bluetooth protocol to communicate with your smartphone, and the whole 2.4 GHz is quite susceptible to various hacks and exploits.

As we think – the second really dangerous gadget is your smartphone. The problem with these devices is that people tend to store too much valuable data, not just personally, but sometimes even very sensitively, regardless of the fact that smartphones are more vulnerable. There are some really serious security holes. The main weakness of smartphones are malicious apps that are installed by users. In addition, users tend to ignore basic security rules while using their smartphones, such as: B. Rules for mobile banking etc.

Modern smartphone

IT security specialist Ben Lincoln has also found out that his Motorola Droid X2 smartphone shares his personal data with the company. It is not the first time that large companies are trying to get user information without their direct permission. His smartphone tried to share such data as: email username and password and precise GPS coordinates. Ben Lincoln says that all of this data was transmitted using an unencrypted HTTP connection, which shows that it doesn’t matter to the company whether the data is intercepted in the process.

The third place is shared between two devices: Memoto and Autographer. The first product is a fairly cheap portable camera that takes snapshots of everything you do during the day. The price of the device is $ 280 and is now very popular. The curious fact here is that people often vote for privacy and don’t really like such gadgets, but that was a Kickstarter project at first. Authographer is also a portable camera, but in addition it can be synchronized with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Wireless Security Gadgets

After these two go door locks and rings, such as Doorbot and Goji. They can be controlled with your iPhone or iPad and have a camera. So you can see who is behind the door without opening it. You can also open them remotely. The dangerous fact here is that these devices use a fairly vulnerable Wi-Fi connection and can be easily hacked. In fact, wireless security applications should be avoided, they cannot provide the required level of security.

And the last, but not the least – Kinnect. This game controller is very popular with Americans, but the problem is that it tracks your location in the room and cannot be turned off, only with a specific app. Many players believe that it can be used for espionage purposes, but there is no decent evidence to support it. Well, as you can see, most of the wireless gadgets we use every day can be spied on, so it will be better to get a universal signal that is signal jammer and ready for any privacy threat they can bring.