Use different types of jammers for different customer groups

This is a real case of fake base stations. The cops arrested a man hiding in the hotel and set up a fake base station. His device is very simple, computer, transmitter, antenna and power supply – can form a spam robot. For cell phone users, spam is the user’s primary job. He works for some companies. The more spam he sends, the more payments he receives.

Spam robots can send 25 messages per second and send them in about 1500 minutes. As an object receiving spam, the cellular phone user is forced to accept it when entering the area of ​​the counterfeit base station, and the cellular phone is connected to itself to collect the user information using the operator’s signal bandwidth. These users’ handsets cannot receive signals from real base stations for 3-10 seconds. Even worse, buying fake HandyBlocker base stations can pretend to be public numbers, such as: B. banking service numbers, spam dispatch, wrong massage. When you enter your information, your password will be deleted.

In order to avoid wrong base stations and spam robots, we recommend recommending signal interferers. Different types of jammers for different customer groups. For individual customers, if not a fixed target, there are portable signal interferers on it. For example, people know that the hotel is unusual, but they have to get to the fake base station … maybe this is the only way to go home. You can provide the interference suppressors with false interference suppression so that their information is of interest to other types of customers and we will recommend them according to different requirements. For different interference targets there are different signal jammer like 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and so on.

Although there are many ways to create spam, we can forbid the idea. However, please note that the product is intended to protect the user’s privacy and should not be used for criminal activities. Therefore, make sure that your activities are permitted by law, otherwise we are not responsible for all of your illegal acts.