Check the jammer’s blocked signal band before buying a mobile phone jammer

There are many applications for signal jammer on the market. Cell phone jammers may be used in conference rooms to avoid unnecessary ringing during conferences. Teachers can use jammers so that students drop their phones during class and exams.

Which frequency bands are particularly disruptive to cellphone jammers? What are the advantages of installing jammers?

In general, standard cellphone jammers can emit radio waves that interfere with or prevent the reception of the required GSM radio signals. Some models not only interfere with cell phone signals, but also block GPS and WLAN signals. The cell phone jammer sends its own radio waves to intercept signal reception. Before you buy a cell phone jammer, check the signal band that the jammer is blocking.

What are the advantages of building a cell phone jammer? You can select the frequency band you want to block according to your requirements. For example, if the cell phone frequency band is selected, the jammer will only block the reception of the cell phone signal within the shielding area and will not block the normal operation of other nearby electronic devices. If you remove the mobile phone from the device in which the paper jam occurred, the normal operation of the mobile phone will be resumed.

In addition, building a cell phone jammer is easy to use, usually connected to the antenna, connected to the power supply, and can work normally, which is very convenient. However, please note that purchases may only be used for legitimate and not for illegal purposes.

A user said: Be sure to confirm the signal band to be blocked to make a selection. For example, if you want to prevent vehicle tracking, you need to block the GPS signal. You want to prevent other users from using your home WiFi network. You just have to block the WiFi signal. and to block the noise from the radio, etc., you need to select the frequency band you want to block.