The effect is more obvious the closer the target source is to the jammer

Jammers can be effective against drones over several kilometres away. Generally, GPS jammer operate on a ratio of distance between a drone and the jammer compared to the drone with its pilot. The further away the drone is from the pilot and closer to the jammer, the better. A typical effective jammer direction is a cone of about 15-30 degrees, projecting forward from the gun (this is also influenced by the RF band and the power of the jammer).

New signal cell phone blocker can protect you from the interference target, and can meet your needs. Please note that this product is designed to protect the privacy of users, should not be used in criminal activities. So, make sure your activities are allowed by law, otherwise we will not be responsible for all your illegal behavior.

Due to previous fraud on communication equipment during previous college entrance exams in recent years, in order to completely eliminate the occurrence of such phenomena, the signal jammer has been used as a big move.

In order to control the activity of the cell phone in a given area, an established configuration is designed. This is comparable to building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences at a physical boundary, the communication control hardware is deployed. Options may include a managed access feature in which cellular communications may be allowed and denied based on operator authorization.

Stay close to your car to close it, Check that the locks are locked: thanks to warnings and noise that signal the closing, by operating the door handles (be careful not to re-open your vehicle if you use a free hand card); Finally, if in doubt, or if the batteries of your remote key are defective, use the mechanical key that is inevitably in your remote key or your free-hand card. Be aware that cell phone jammer can also neutralize the closing of gates or blinds. Also be careful when leaving your garage, and watch for its complete closure.